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Watch your business progress in our ultra-fast, advanced analytics platfom with proprietary in-memory database.

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Synerise gives you total freedom when it comes to performance analysis. Use pre-made templates for a quick and easy start or create custom advanced metrics with the data you need to achieve your goals.


Take personalization to the next level with super precise segments. Mix and match dozens of criteria and and send the right content at the right time to build long-lasting relationships with customers.


Display your data in the form of beautiful and clean dashboards. 100% customizable to give you a full and relevant view of your progress.


Custom funnels featuring the segments of your choice let you track the sales process with unprecedented accuracy. It’s an ultimate tool to improve the effectiveness of your inbound marketing tactics.


Gather and present the outcomes of your campaigns with reports that take minutes to create. Don’t worry about the data accuracy – everything is updated in real time.


Do you want to know your offline customers’ shopping habits? Now you can – thanks to geoanalytics, you’re able to target the visitors of your online and physical store and combine their data into one customer profile.

Churn Analytics

Churn analytics explains why churn occurs and help your company improve customer retention. Synerise help You to analyzes churn with feature's summary like: 

  • Number of transactions
  • Mean of days between transactions
  • Number of unique brands of products in transactions
  • Sum of basket sizes normalized by time of first transaction
  • Number of unique categories of transactions

Campaign Analytics

Tool to measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns you've created in Synerise. Ad hoc analytics for:

  • Dynamic Content
  • SMS 
  • Email
  • WebPush
  • Mobile
  • POS
  • Recommendations