Synerise pillars

Nothing is perfect and innovative at the same time. We are based on three pillars. The first is meritocracy - the power of knowledge, intellect, science. The second is algocracy - the power of algorithms which make our life much more intelligent, efficient and eliminate routines. The last one is empathy - the power of love.

Jarosław Królewski Harvard Club New York

Our goals

  • We want to be a disruption as a service organization with no vendor locks.
  • Being faster, bolder and smarter.
  • Feeling free, having fun, dreaming big and getting things done.
  • Offering top talents a transparent, diverse and safe environment with flat structures to make them grow and push limits of what is standard

What impact we want to make?

For Clients
We partner with our clients to make them ready to embrace technological liberation and to integrate it into their business models so they delight customers, outpace competitors and realise outstanding value in a fast and scalable way.
For Employees
We encourage our employees to be brave and fast. We empower our employees to dare greatly, to never work, drop every routine, to ever-evolve by stretching boundaries of what’s possible both personally and professionally. We want our employees to inspire others to live great quality live.
For Partners
We bring the innovation capabilities to create new kind of partnerships with your customers to deliver GROWTH in a short time on the consumer market
For Society
We solve innovation debt of societies in a conscious and responsible way by providing open ecosystem of top-notch tech, data science and AI solutions.